It was in the year of 2015 in which a relative unknown tennis-player Stan Wawrinka wrote history. What nobody suspected was that this unknown player would win his first Grand Slam in the Australian Open. What made this so special was that until that time the setting was dominated by the big four; Nadal, Federer, Murray and Djokovic.

During the tournament Wawrinka defeated both Nadal and Djokovic. Never ever in the 7 years before did he win a single match against these giants. He lost 12 times to Nadal, 14 times to Djokovic.

Inspired by Samuel Beckett’s quote, after failing…

William Vermeulen (made with Procreate)

The dust has settled after the OutSystems NextStep event. There was so much to do, great keynotes, cool lab sessions and lots of fun & interesting talks. Enough food for thoughts and content to look forward to.

Just a quick summary for everyone who could not attend. It was an amazing event and apparently they needed and enormous screen to have the features nicely organised next to each other…

So one of those big features is the AI infused development, or call it the AI experience. …

With 2018 all set and done, a new year, a fresh start with new year resolutions. At the end of the year it is acustom that you look back, all kinds of list and overviews appear to showcase 2018.

But why would you only do this at the end of the year when it’s already possible during the year. I must say all the lists and overviews have something neat and nice to it, but what if you could already know what is a success right now?!

Of course you can take lists and numbers and put them into charts in presentations, but no one really cares. Figures and numbers are not important, the end-user is. So that’s why OutSystems introduced Insights.


End-users are mostly expressed in numbers, like number of (unique) page visits, or how long did the…

How do you explain to your partner, child, grandfather or grandmother what you are doing all day long. Developing an app or software development in general is usually very abstract. Their general response or thought is something like “oh, he does something with computers …” Or they ask if you you can help them with a computer or printer problem, it fits the job description, right!?

The Interaction Design (UX/UI) is often easier to explain, because someone immediately comes up with an example of a UX bad-practice. Often this gives a nice(r) conversation and sometimes even renewed insight.

Working with…

William Vermeulen

OutSystems Solution Architect @ Product-League | I just like to be creative by drawing, writing or playing with lego :-)

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